Can this be patched and not require a complete wipe and reinstall

ok I’m having issues with the game in season 2 I couldn’t collect sorcerer skulls now in chapter 3 I can’t collect blood crystal I’ve been able to learn the schematics for the golem workbench and crafter but I can’t build them. I have gone into admin mode and I can’t even port them in with the admin panel I play in single player mode on steam. I do have mods in but I’ve wiped the mods and verified local files and still no bloodstone. I have restarted and nothing. I also have an issue with the first journey step to where I can make a stone weapon and it won’t register the step as being complete. I have slow internet to the point where dial-up would probably be faster lol and don’t want to take a week to redownload the game is there any patch that could be sent out to fix this?

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