Can Thralls Still Throw Gaseous Orbs?

6 wedge cylindrical tower, 2 walls high, with fencing around the top.
Thrall: Freya Archer NPC, equipped with 1 gaseous orb. All other weapons/armor were removed. (Except sandstorm mask)

Pulled a bear, a ram, and an exile to the tower. Freya would run to the edge of the tower, but then just stand there. She would not throw the orb or do anything else useful.

Can anyone tell me if they are experiencing the same issue? Was this fixed and is now working as intended? Or is this now broken? Or perhaps I am doing something wrong in how I am setting up the Thrall?

They need a very clear line of fire, they must attack you or the base, if there is fence or crenulation they will not attack. If she is up to high and they are close to her it is the same as having a wall in front, she wont try.

I tested it with the thrall equipped with a bow, and she was able to attack with the bow, through the fence, without any issues. Then I took away her bow, gave her the gaseous orb again, and deleted the fence just to double check that the thrall had clear line of sight, but she still wouldn’t attack. I tried running close, far away, etc… At one point she looked as if she was going to throw something, she had the orb visibly in her hand, but then reverted to the idle pose and never moved after that. Here is a screenshot…

A thrall can start to throw near the wall at 1 Wall High. 2 Wall High? Nope.
It might be bugged. The thrall should be in the ground to effectively throw the orbs currently. Ah! don’t combine with other orbs. It will be devastated.

I tried this a couple of day’s ago, but with thralls on the ground. They would throw 1 gas orb. But that was all, their ammo got consumed, I thought they only needed 1 orb equipped like arrows.

After throwing the 1 orb they would still use the throw animation, but nothing happened.

Damn, that sucks. It sounds like they nerfed it. I will verify myself with thralls on the ground.

I will try with 1 high, as well as on the ground. But from what @prehistoricDog is saying, it sounds like it got nerfed.

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