Can we get a roaming function?

For our companions of course, everything else makes no sense :slight_smile:

An additional setting in the Radial Menu under Behavior:

Option: Roaming
Range: 5m, 10m, 15m or 30m
The companion walks around randomly in a radius of Xm starting from his last guarding situation.

This would make fortresses with larger courtyards look a bit more lively. Everything is so static, even if there is currently the possibility to provide your companions with emotes.


I guess it’s technically possible, because pet tortoises already do that.


Yeah, a sort of patrolling function would be awesome.


You cannot imagine how many tortoises I finded away from their base in official servers :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
I will try to find an old post, wait…

@Zeb is still looking for it.

Ugh…OK so I’m going to be lagging and rubber banding because someone wanted to put all 40 thralls in a room, roaming around so it looks like a mosh pit.

The point here is that this will drastically increase the load that an individual thrall is doing on the server and you got to multiply it out the all the thralls on the server.

Cap it. Limit the function to a certain number of thralls.
If thralls could patrol, you would need less of them.
They would cover a bigger area.
I would prefer to have a small patrol of lvl 20 high end thralls guarding than having a wall filled with them.
Animals roam everywhere and the server doesn’t get laggy because of it. So do many npcs, @erjoh . If servers would lag because of such a simple thing, they should get better servers.
See what happens when a purge comes. They all move much more dramatically than when patrolling and the server doesn’t crash because of it. Some fps dropping, sure, but not that big of a problem, at least on PS5.

Wanna make your thralls move? Close the doors. Give them a bow. Set their attack distance to max. Limit their chase distance to lowest.
They’ll go crazy! :smile:
The catch is that you need to build near aggressive mobs.
Prepare to see them running bow in hand like they are possessed.
It’s not what you want, but you’ll get a few laughs out of it.

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