Can we get archers that can fire over walls?

Dear Funcom,

Seeing as purges are being worked on, can you please address the age old issue of archer thralls not being able to fire over walls with crenelations?



Functioning thrall pots would be good Also @Belteyn


I’d be just happy with Archers that hit the target, but … well, to each his own.

BTW, next age will be Age of War, so I think we’ll see improvement in Defense Systems (as they ARE a huge part of war-making). Just hope Archers will get some love.


Archers need love for sure. The arrows they fire to hit their target should be easier to manage.

I think the thrall pot mechanic is great for ammunition.

This would allow us to choose the type of arrow every archer fires with one inventory, instead of the tedious chore of equipping each archer individually.




Don’t tease them like that :smile:


Question is are they going to get Love? Don’t forget about thrall pots. @den


Good idea. This is literally the reason I rarely equip anything on archers. I only use them as aggro or canaries.

Oooooooh, I would love ballistic archery so much!!!

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Good to hear!

That said, I can imagine this is technically not so easy. I’m guessing solution might be:

  • archers don’t ‘see’ crenenations i.e. have line of sight through them
  • archers don’t see 1-2 wall sections below current point - again line of sight not blocked

That would be necessary to simulate archers firing down over crenelations, although even this gets difficult if wall 3+ high. Guess they would need unlimited line of sight at 0-15 degrees downwards.

However, those rules would need to apply strictly to to the archer doing the firing, as if crenelations were simply coded so you can fire through them, then archers on walls would then be equally vulnerable to enemy archers below.

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Of course they are. With Lovetap. That’s how you get them recruited in the first place.

I’d love a way to place archers like siege cauldrons, to “slot” onto crenellations. These “slotted” archers would then ignore the crenellation when shooting. As a bonus, they wouldn’t start running around like idiots whenever I kill a deer somewhere in the neighborhood.


Awesome idea. A kind of soft lock they could break out when being attacked.


Set them on “stand and defend” and they stop running around like crazy chicken!

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Facepalm. Of course. That’s the softlock you need. I have all my archers in that stance.

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Usable cauldrons would also be nice even by requiring a thrall…

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Especially if your thralls could activate them

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From your words to Funcom’s eyes. Defenses have been ignored for years.

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FUNCOM will simply change crenelation model by removing collision from the protruding parts. :+1:t5:

Which of course won’t work, as archers standing on walls will not have line of sight downwards :frowning:

Unless they are programmed to have it in the future . Here’s to hoping.