Can we get full nudity for offline Single player mode for ps4


I don’t know if I missed something but I have full nudtiy on PS4


QLMX do you live in a PEGI country?(e.g. U.K.,France,Germany) If so, that’s why. To everybody who doesn’t get why some of us want it, wether it be to fight censorship, or the source material has it, or to just liking the nude human form. It exists, and we want it.
Oh, and Crom wouldn’t care if they charged for it. I’d support Funcom if it’s not ridiculously overcharged.


Yeah…Murica is why. Nothing to argue. Our country’s law writers are prudes to a fault. Violence or psychological horror or even crimes against children are portrayed on television but a nipple? For shame!! If it wasn’t downright so sad it would be hilarious. Nude shame is one of the very first lessons we are taught as infants in Murica. And I for one, find it appalling. We are supposedly a nation of choice and freedom. There’s the joke. It’s a game, any adult should be able to choose the way they visually play their game that they have purchased and legally own. Even if a child got ahold of a full nude game, how is that any worse than free ■■■■ available anywhere there’s an online connection? This has turned into a rant that’s gone on far too long. My apologies. I wasn’t aware I had such an opinion on this. Lol


Why do you assume I’m male. I could be a female. Full nudity is a gamer’s choice. You should be enraged that there not full nudity. This is Conan the Barbarian not hello kitty. My character doesn’t feel empowered. In the PC version you can increase your mandhood.


While I agree with you 100%, guessing you’re male with a tag of “Bryan” wasn’t far fetched. Lol


Is the no full nude dlc for PS4 in USA the final answer?


Thank your Puritan roots, 'Murica!


Seeing as how US console players paid $49.99 instead of $39.99 like pc players for a worse product, they really should do it free of charge. I hope the dlc thing will work out, but if not then chances are I won’t buy another game made by Funcom because you don’t know what you will have day one.


I see where your coming from, and agree. However to get a company to do something, you need to have incentives. But with no response from any devs, I doubt they will. Here’s to hope for the future though.


I really feel like they gave us an incomplete game. PC has several more features than console such as the full nudity option and pc gets mods, console does not. They charged console gamers $10 more than they charged PC but we got an incomplete game. I want to be refunded for the extra money i had to spend to play this game, seeing Funcom didn’t give us a full game. Either that, or they need to give us all of the same features that they have on PC at no extra cost… I mean, what if Jim Bob wanted to be a virtual tranny and look at his breasts and bush?


Welcome to Conan not the barbarian. Barbarians have the guts to go full nude.


I see no problem with OFFLINE FULL Nudity. As you are OFFLINE. As in it’s YOUR choice for OFFLINE FULL nudity.


I see no problem with online full nudity either seeing as how the player can change their settings to partial or none if they wish, so the full nudity doesn’t affect anyone else unless they choose it. When you release a game, all regions and platforms should all have access to all of the same stuff… especially when one region has to pay more for the game than everyone else.


Personally I find it absurd that nudity in Conan Exiles is ESRB AO but Fortnite, a game marketed to kids about running around shooting and killing each other in an era with unprecedented levels of gun violence in schools, is ESRB T.

The issue with consoles, nudity, and ESRB is that manufacturers will not allow AO content on their platforms. A dlc will not solve this since the patch needs to be certified by the manufacturer before it can go live to market.

Remember: ESRB - nudity = bad; jumping out of a blue school bus and picking up rocket launchers and machine guns to kill each other = good



Honestly, as an American it’s one of the biggest issues I have with American morality.

'We want people to love each other and our children to have children."
Nudity in movies

Movie with people getting their brains blown out

America is confusing…


Well if you want to play on console this is the only way possiblein is apparently. Has anyone tried changing their regin in the system does that work?


Even if Funcom offered the nudity for consoles, Sony and Microsoft can say it’s not going to happen. At the end, it is those two who decides what goes on their devices.

@Bryan_Skull I would send a message to Sony asking them to allow the nudity on the PS4. They might respond.


Fully nudity is a region and platform based decision, you don’t get to make that call. And I assume you’re male because never in my life have I met a woman obsessed with virtual nudity in the gaming world, especially in a game whose content has NOTHING to benefit from it. You’re immaturity is the only benefactor, otherwise the game isn’t any different having nudity enabled or disabled.

Also repetition seems to do you know good but nevertheless, Funcom doesn’t get to make the call on what Sony and Microsoft allow on their platforms or control ESRB ratings. ESRB does have strange restrictions but that has nothing to do with Funcom. Not sure how this topic even exists…


The game devs promied they wouldn’t censor conan exiles. That conan exiles wouldn’t come to consoles censor. That sony and mircosoft wouldn’t get conan exiles on their systems censor.


*would have meant