Can we get smarter thralls? And Multi Toons

The whole reason I wanted 50 Multi Toons in offline is because players thralls are too stupied. Thralls so dumb they won’t auto repair armors and weapons. Smelters stop smelting ore if I leave the base area. Unlike Online it just me out there. Can I get some support like breast gets from bras. Hell I’m drowing in all the work load. We need harvest thralls. As well as thrall squads. Thrall squads allows harvest thralls protect with fighters and Archers. Thralls need to move in idle stance. Evertime I load up I’m bored to tears looking at my thralls.

Every thrall should fight. This way thralls aren’t stolen so easy in PVP.

The only reason I want mult toons is for offline single player mode. Online it is person to person. So you don’t get bored so easy. I like making many characters. Having Multi Toons in offline single player mode helps me. Sure they have same stats as a player. But they are my toons. My allies to stay by me. Even if my fort burns down and all my thralls die. I rather have my toons respawn together. I want this more than sorcery. Multi Toons whom I pick thier stats and feats hell yeah. Don’t care if thralls are stronger. Give me 50 mult toons any day. Because in the end my party leader toon could be change any time sounds fun.

I’m just tired of lifeless thralls. Funcom this game no fun offline. And that hurts as a supporter to this game. Allow thralls to pose. Or at least Idle animations. My gaurds are so boring.

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I started playing Conan Exiles again. My offline single player mode. Notice thralls are still boring to look at. Also notice since I’m by myself. Now for online that isn’t a problem. You can speak or type to other players. By talking or chating you can have fun.

Now I’m a player who likes to make alot of toons,created characters or whatever it is called in other games. Conan Exiles was promise settlement system. I can understand how that going to be a pain. Many Toons in offline single player mode can be that testing ground. Don’t think multi Toons as a replacement for thralls. Thralls have way more health. Multi Toons allows for offline single player mode to have online players as offline players. Basically Multi Toons are A.I. Players.

Look I HATE going online. I feel that offline single player mode isn’t be given fair opportunities. The game feels lonely and empty of allies on offline single player mode.

Maybe it’s a mod I have, but I don’t have this issue. I just load up my smelters with a few thousand iron ore and stone, steelfire, brimstone, hardening agent and coal. Go adventuring for a few hours and when I come home start farming for my smelters again.

There are also plenty of mods that bring life to your thralls.

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Yeah, my dream is that you one day we can really build a “city” or fortress with more life, choosing where the Thralls are, and kind of what they are doing, choosing the dances, poses, where they sit and things like that. (without using mods(.

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Mods aren’t for Ps4.

Being in Offline single player mode is boring. Multi Toons allow for life in Conan Exiles for Offline single player mode. It also adds allies.

Also Multi Toons for Offline single player mode.My idea for multi toons is a start. Sure the toons are super weaker compared to thralls. The toons respawn. The Toon you control can be change at any time. I’m tired of calling them toons. The created characters you have would be a start of the settlement system. The created characters as a start. 50 seems like a lot, but it like having 50 players on the server. 49/50 of the created characters would act like A.I players or thralls in Offline single player mode.

I agree, thralls need to be more active, I play solo on a private server and my fortress seems so lifeless and boring, nothing moves. I don’t use mods mainly because they don’t seem to work and when/if they actually do work as soon as there’s an update they stop working or cause more glitches. I would love for thralls to seem to be more alive, like walk to the well to get a drink or be able to set a specific path they walk while guarding.

Thralls are boring as of now.

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Harvest thralls are weak low hp thralls. Harvest thralls have a panic meter. This forces harvest thralls to run back to the base. Harvest thralls like being close to many fighters and archers. Players would target harvest thralls squads in PVP. Harvest squads max size is 25. Three max Harvest thralls. Remember to fill this squad to the max.

Normal Thrall squads can be used as scouting.

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How annoying thralls don’t auto repair.

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