Can we get some replies in the testlive category?

Hi, It would be nice if you expect ‘us’(the players) to go on testlive and provide feedback that we also get some more return on this feeback/concerns/questions. Only 1 reply has been given from funcom in this category that answered some questions, out of 108 topics, you say this was the most important reason to bring it to testlive so early/unfinished(we all know it was to give the appearance that is was ready ‘on time’ :wink: ) so can we make this a more 2 way traffic thing please? Thanks in advance.

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Maybe those who stayed on during the vacation are on break now?

It is great that they say they’re taking feedback from us and implementing/tweaking the build for it, but we don’t know at all what that entails changing. We had a post for about 2 hours yesterday that told what some changes were going to be, before it was retracted for… Being too transparent? Communication with the community goes a long way to keeping us from freaking out and thinking “The sky is falling!”

They are afraid to partly because it would be a bashfest partly they don’t want to hear that some of these ideas are not good ones because they are determined to push them through anyways.

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Aye… Bad ideas that are accepted are like cockroaches. You can’t kill it, you can only improve on it.
That’s the only way to get through to them and save the game.

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Yeah, I noticed in the Livestream that the attitude was that it is a final product that just needed a few tweaks to consumption rates and diet.

I don’t feel the need for them to respond in the forums to threads, as long as there is acknowledgement that some of these changes are obnoxious, nonsensical, and anti-fun and they’re working to fix it. That’s all I care about.

Don’t get me wrong, there are positives too. I like the combat changes and the off-hand changes. I think the pet system has potential, though there are clearly some things that need work there. I like using bows so the new arrows are a nice addition for me.

But the whole thrall feeding system doesn’t just need minor tweaks. At its core, it is one bad idea layered on top of another.

Baiting fish traps is simply utter nonsense. They must have gotten these confused with fishing poles or something, I don’t know. You don’t bait fish traps any more than you bait fishing nets. So pointless made-up extra grind for “reasons”? No thanks, we’ve got plenty. Away with this.

Manually replacing bees to produce honey is just plain bonkers. Queen bees do that on their own, and you can’t always just introduce stranger bees to a new hive, they could be rejected, or simply be killed. All you need is a fertile queen bee and let nature take its course as it were.

So one queen bee per apiary, most likely just once, since they’ll typically make their own replacement. There’s no need to introduce an artificial grind here, especially one that has no bearing on reality at all.

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Alot of good stuff, combat moves, pets(thralls with an animal skin)… But all very much pointless when there are no working thralls(pets), no purges, tons of bugs, server performance issues, etc…