Can we have an attack that doesn’t trigger the sprint attack so we can have some control back

Light or heavy or kick, just make each weapon have an attack that does NOT trigger the sprint attack


Yes since the update my character keeps running into situations that are over her head.



The new sprint “mechanics” were not intentional so I’m sure they will revert to normal next patch.


Oh no i dont mean that part lol but thank f that part is being fixed to, the part i mean is we need the ability to sprint and do a normal attack after rather then the sprint attack that adds a massive lunge to our attack


Oh, I understand…

Usually I stop sprinting just before I reach someone, because the sprint attack does less damage, and doesn’t count towards the combo. But it’s good for chasing, that’s for sure.

Any addition to the moveset would be welcome. I guess we will have to wait, and see what comes with 3.0.


Oh god yes, I truly ‘hate’ the sprint attacks, lol. I try to do as @LordKAA suggests, and stop that little bit early (which is a minor annoyance in itself :wink: ), but I still overshoot so often (kept missing a bunch of salamanders the other day, and every time results in them getting their poison attack off because I missed - no big issue, just grr!). And then there’s the other side, when I actually try to use the sprint attack, but turn out not to have been sprinting for long enough, so stop too early and then swing on the spot :laughing:

True, when that Benny Hill music starts in my head as I chase an enemy that’s chasing my horse and we go round and round, I will admit the sprint attack can be useful. But of all the combat changes (stamina, healing, bleed, any of it) it’s the sprint attacks I seem to be finding hardest to get used to, lol.

Definitely :slight_smile: Every addition has the potential to add depth to the combat, and the more depth there is the better (even if it’s nothing more than ‘can I pull off the cool looking special move/combo?’) (Though I do wish it felt a bit more like a choice rather than something I only do when I don’t mean to :laughing:)


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