Can we have clan roles please and restrictions just within deconstruction

All I need right now in this game is the ability to control who can deconstruct my 500 hours base and who carnt . that’s all I ask for as it’s killing it for me being only one active.
anyone know where I can look to find decent players to join pvp server I have lots of allies and normally in large party chats but need more people in my clan on Xbox.

at the moment I don’t want to add people in case is a 007 rival to go to town on deconstructing my base.

I understand that you guys want some security that joins clan too so maybe some form of personal lockable chests at a later point for clan members.

I would just like a member of funcom to reassure me and say " yes clan roles will be coming"


I don’t know that we can say with authority that “they will be coming” unfortunately. I’ve put it onto our suggestion list of things players would like to see though! We have to sort these things by priority and as well as consider what goes behind implementing features like this and how long it would take. I’m not technical enough to know what this would require but I can personally agree that it would be a nice feature. :slight_smile: So it’s sort of a “we’ll see” kinda deal for now.

to have this feature would get more people back on the servers for e.g. I could alone invite 9 new people to my server which it desperately needs. we went from one of best 40/40 pvp official were we tried squeezing 42 in all time to 25/30 max most days. till this feature is brought out I’m on my own and it’s not fun I can tell you that.

i tried ark yesterday due to the above I prefer Conan for sure. the graphics are 10x better just all issues with Xbox and not being able to bring new people in and content issue is all that’s against Conan once that’s sorted it would be q much better game than ark