Can we have more clarification please on member status and help received

The one that apparently hasn’t happened to you yet, hasn’t happened to me either thankfully.
But i’d assume you would know that you can’t delete one of your weapons or talismans & i am pretty sure that the players i am talking about are conscientious enough not to sell them to a vendor especially when it’s a level 70 red weapon which they use to play with.

However there are times in this game where certain missions remove your weapons & sometimes they are not there to put back on.
I have however experienced the loss of my weapons in a dungeon which again thankfully returned after a relog i’m sure many have had this experience, this appears to happen if i recall in the crafting window .

Here’s another example for you

NossosQuality Assurance

Apr '18

Lol, you’re not on trial mate, a simple “weapons vanishing when you use the rocket launcher” would have done. :v:

Is that related to inventory being too full then or what? Cause I thought it had been fixed ages ago.

In my experience of you simple doesn’t seem to suffice, but thank you for asking the right question for once which was

A simple search on the bug reports/support & you would have found this yourself.

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It always is better to explain a bug since sometimes there exists multiple kinds/versions of an issue.
And most people don’T track which bugs are how much an issue. Asking to just search one specific bug is seaking the needle in the haystack.


Your two players are eligable for support but support are just humans and right now support times seem to be stretched to the limits which can lead to the system just not keeping the information anymore. Which in the term of item regaining puts them into the tough stuff since it oens up a whole trove of exloitation if they still would hand out items without definite proof that you had it.

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Seems unlikely since the only threads relating to this issue are from last year and locked (and one of them is unlisted). I remember the issue and I also remember it being listed as fixed fairly quickly, so it’s a good job I asked or I’d be none the wiser. :v:

If this bug has reappeared it’d probably be a good idea for the affected parties to make a new thread.

Not a haystack at all i typed in two words into the bugs/support thread “missing weapons”

This is a less coherent generic response i’d expect to see from a customer service auto reply system.
It’s pointless to engage you any further.

Not really because they are there.

Most likely.

What I was saying was I’d have ignored those threads as referring to the bug in question, since they’re a year old and that bug was fixed in april last year according to patch notes. I’ll draw you a little diagram next time. :v:

Shall i remind you i posted the bug reports because you played ignorant to the fact that you had any knowledge of them, which of course you do if it suits your purpose.
I gave more than one example of this particular kind of bug though, but cherry pick as you see fit to allow yourself to make more pointless observations because lets face it thats all you do.

However i think this part is good advice for anyone who bothers to entertain you with a response

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Mate, you literally described the issue as:

I’m not a mind reader. :v:

Well, it doesn’t help them now because it’s too late, but the clarification does show how people can get help in the future - spend more money. Apparently, the more you spend, the more likely you are to receive customer support. So, I guess your friends just didn’t spend enough money to reach the required threshold of “supporting the game”.

I dislike this policy, but it is what it is. At least it’s been clarified somewhat, and only a month after the question was asked. Now the next question is whether this change is permanent or merely temporary due to increased tickets from other Funcom games. That question is probably even less likely to get answered.

The confusion I think is in the seeming concreteness of “Paid is paid in every condition,” and the fuzziness of, "There is a consideration of how long and how significant a person’s support has been, but there are no concrete rules to govern this. "

So while, as Theresa May would say, Paid means Paid, presumably two people with equal merit could end up being triaged for the order in which support is given. It’s open to interpretation, but I agree that it would appear that all people who qualify as having Paid will be eventually dealt with, just not necessarily as soon as they would wish.

It’s probably less than perfectly clear because a “free” player who’s buying aurum to use is still causing actual money to be spent on the game, and possesses the same items and currency as someone who did the original transaction.

Funcom points being mentioned is interesting cause I presumably still have some that weren’t actually transfered into aurum even though they originally promised to do that.

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It doesn’t mention triaging tickets at all as far as I can see. I assume the consideration is just there so people who spent ten bucks on a sub once in 2013 can’t complain about not being considered paid (for example). I think the important part is:

That plus the fact that they’re still counting grandmasters suggests to me that this isn’t some sinister scheme to exclude anyone who hasn’t given them money in the last week or whatever. :v:

Are Funcom points still used in AoC or AO? The original announcement applied to all three games so it’s probably safe to assume the clarification does too.

In some of the recent AO streams, I believe they’ve raffled away Funcom Points.

I was only guessing on triaging, as I was trying to make sense of giving consideration to how much someone has supported them, while at the same time assuming that any support counts as having supported. Meh, as he said, it isn’t concrete :v:

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First off, thanks for responding. I’ve always thought Funcom could do better about communication, so it’s good to see a step in the right direction.

I don’t want to push it, but if you could clarify a few points a bit more, it would be even more helpful.

My response to Sevenoir was mostly facetious, but I think this point could be a little clearer. Does this mean that all of a person’s monetary contributions are added together and those with the highest score get the quickest response, or is it that everyone who is considered paid gets the same access on a first-come-first-serve basis, and the portion I quoted is just part of the calculation of whether someone is considered “paid” or not? This question is more about the wording than the actual rules behind the policy.*

Are you able to verify how long the tools store this information? With responses to /petitions taking over a week, does that mean that any lost items from here on out are unlikely to be able to be replaced regardless if a customer is “paid” or not? I think it would be best to let people know if this is the case. Waiting for a response from customer support only to find out they can’t help would just build even more frustration than knowing immediately that once an item disappears it’s gone forever.

I realize that a lot of the new policy changes aren’t exactly set rules, and I’m sure there’s plenty of policies that you aren’t allowed to discuss, but a little more transparency would go a long way to establishing trust with the player base.

*Edit: I added a bit to clarify my question here.

The second half of the first sentence you partially quoted explicitly says there are no concrete rules, I’m not understand what clarification you are asking for when they already said there are no set rules…


It would seem the only way to not be screwed over by customer service because of the shambles that is apparently the back log of cases for those who face deletion of weapons or talismans.

Is to WEEKLY SCREENSHOT your inventory so that you yourself can prove what you own, because aparently even one week waiting for a response gives customer service the power to say to you NO you cannot have your lost item replaced because we cannot find it in our log.

So as @Nytha pointed out i also would like to know exactly how long our item information is stored in your logs?

You really shouldn’t assume that you speak for the entire playerbase.

Fair point. But I’m not asking for an exact spreadsheet of who gets priority in every given situation, such as who gets precedent if someone with a GM account sent in a ticket and then someone with a monthly subscription, who also just bought a lot of aurum, sent in a comparable ticket. I was just curious what that phrase was meant to address. I guess I should have worded my question a little better. I’ll edit it to make it clearer.