Can we have more frequent scheduled restarts?

On the official server I play, it is 40/40, and Server FPS: 3

As soon as a scheduled restart happens, FPS is back to 30, and stays there for a few hours, until it slogs down again.

Restarting it at 6am local time, is hardly helping the playerbase.

Alternatively, please add enough debug logging that you can turn it on, on specific servers that are reported struggling bigtime with poor FPS, and fix the damn root-cause.

This will not solve the problem. Rebooting the server 10 times a day is stupid. Such a problem may exist on 10 servers out of 100, why should 90 suffer because of frequent restarts?

Just do not have enough server capacity. But. You can not blame the developers for too low power. Servers are very expensive, and you do not have a monthly subscription to service us. You bought a single player, and multiplayer is a gift.
In my opinion, they found a compromise. Provide more servers, albeit with delays in peak hours. Otherwise, the servers would be very crowded and there would not be enough space for building and enjoying the game.

The current steps towards optimization are encouraging. Already buildings are loaded very quickly. Increased the number of items in the group. This greatly reduces the need for containers. If you increase the remaining stacks, it will be even better. Smaller containers, faster loading.
Another good way is to clean the slaves in the workbench when they are not working. This greatly accelerates the loading.

All this may not affect the overall FPS server, because I don `t know what resources are missing. Can processor power, can RAM. With the first my advice can help, with the second alas. Only if the players reduce the number of locations that need to be simultaneously downloaded. Group and hold.

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