Can we have the option of creating and holding two characters

Can we have the option of creating and holding two characters on the solo/co-op server style? Currently, recreating a character means a wipe of the current buildings. I play co-op with a friend who may not be happy if I reset my character and remove the work he had done on our shared game.


I would prefer to be able to alter appearance instead. No name or ■■■ change tho.
With yellow lotus potion there is no mechanical reason to hold various characters. Instead this creates “opportunities” for clan thievery.

A nice option; however, a change of appearance would not permit me to hold a private game while maintaining the co-op game with my friend.

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Unfortunately you need this.

The dev’s in their infinite wisdom/ineptitude decided not to incorporate this.


or wait till launch if you dont want to use mods

Are you suggesting that I will be able to run two characters after launch?

Can you not just create a clan and make your friend the leader, then exit the clan and recreate your character?

It’s going to be difficult for the devs to split the SP from the MP like you want and in MP having 2 chars means giving a lot of new possibilities to griefers without taking consequences…

Or you mean to have multiple save files for single player instances?

I want to have a world and character available for when I play co-op with the friend, while having a world and character to play on my own in solo when the friend is on tour. (Tours are usually 9 months.) I believe if I change my character, my friend’s progress will be lost. He has his own building in our post where he keeps the stuff he made and found. I don’t want to do this to him, but I like to change things up once and again.

What I am asking for is an option to have one character for co-op and a second character for solo. As for the multiplayer, if the system allowed one character for each option, I don’t see a problem with griefing because only one character will be available for multiplayer.

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Putting a game on ice for 9 months is quite a haul. Are you sure this is the best approach? I never played co-op. If your friend hosts, is it the same where you only get one SP co-op character or is the co-op character stored on the host’s computer? If stored on the host’s computer and you still get a SP character on your computer, couldn’t your friend host the co-op game instead?

So you are asking about multiple singleplayer-co-op saves.
Yes they should definetly give us something like that…

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Not sure where the character data is stored; however, the friend runs on a gaming laptop. While the laptop is great for gaming, he doesn’t have the power to host. If he could host, the problem would still be there, only he would be the one sacrificing freedom. He did have to create a fresh character to play co-op with me, so I think he kept his character on his solo play.

Basically, yes.

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you’ll be able to change your appearance

Perhaps I am too steeped in MMORPGs, but I shook my head when I first realized I was unable to create a second character on my single player game. Then I growled and grumbled when I was unable to have a second character for ‘regular play’ as the admin of my rented server.

If the limitation is due to the possibility of “anonymous” griefers in multiplayer, I do not know of a fix other than limiting an account to one character per server and multiple characters for local play, but I believe griefers always find a way to grief and this solution would not help with a private server admin wanting a second character for ‘regular play’ or role play (away from the eyes that cannot distinguish between your admin and personal time).

I’d even pay for the privilege of multiple characters, but what I do not want to have to do is run multiple Steam accounts to accomplish this (if you can even have two instances of Steam running simultaneously).


Mikeys toolbox will let you have two characters.

Or you can add the game.db and game_backup_##.db files to a zip file or sub folder and save you and your friends progress. then do the same for your solo game.
this manual method would require you to do this after each game session to save the progress of each game.
and then unzip or move the desired session files back before returning to that session.


I have thought about backing up the shared game and dropping onto a secured drive; however, I found from doing such in the past that this could cause the game to become unstable and glitch.