Can we knockout animals?

Can we PLEASE knockout animals? I’ve spent a lot of time in New Asagard since my new alt lives in the Highlands and it’s a primary source for Thralls, but the thrall I have keeps wailing on wolves with Lovetap instead of doing anything useful, and I can’t switch her weapon because she might kill someone I need.
If you knockout an animal, you just kill them afterwards if you want. Not thinking of any wheel to put them on or putting them in a pen. Something to teach them a lesson because it gets annoying.

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Get a new knockout stick with the damage modifier. It takes them from 1 point to 7 points of damage. This is useful in higher level areas. This way your thrall can still kill stuff.

Note, using these on lower level npcs results in their death. I just lost a named armorer to this the other day…

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Thank you!

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