Can we Make a Little More Sense?

I love that they continue to release new features and such. I also get that the following “gripes” are not the biggest deal for everyone. Further, when I mention “realistic”, I am aware this is a game based on a fictional property.

And yet…

I’ve played a ton for a late joiner, and a few things keep nagging at me. So why keep it to myself?

Really there are two points, that I think have merit, but aren’t without reasonable criticism.

The Hyborian Age is supposed to have taken place 10,000 BCE or earlier, which puts it at least 7,000 years before the first recorded agrarian society, and yet, there have never been construction on the levels possible in this game in human history without the support of an agrarian food base. (You build a castle/base in a hunter gatherer society…what do you do when the game moves with the seasons, pick up and move your castle?)

I think between the two options (real farming or no permanent construction) I think farming is the logical choice.

Now yes, there sort-of is farming in the game, but not on the scale that would support the super castles and their semi-visible staff. I’d like to see actual farm plots and farmer thralls.

Second, some of the armor doesn’t make any sense. For example, let’s say you want to armor your archers with accuracy buffs. Not unreasonable. But looking at DLC armors, the light archer armor is Pictish Wizard–which has a helmet that COVERS THE ARCHER’S EYES. Or looking at heavy DLC armor, there are lots of options, but those chosen for archers are the Cavalier set–one of the few full plate armor sets…just comparing design, the full plate should be stronger than the Cimmerian armor that has exposed flaps of weaker chain mail. There are more examples, but this is enough of a sample.

This would be the easiest thing to handle, and that would be to simply swap the bonuses to make common sense. I’m even willing to believe that Funcom considered this, but that changing the existing armor would blow the top off of the community.

In the end, I have huge towers, sprawling castles, and various fortresses, and it’s just ridiculous that they somehow all live off of fish traps (if they are remotely near water) or occasionally killed antelope. Oh and the archers along the towers are shooting with their eyes covered. (With the AI, it seems like they might be sometimes.)

Anyways, gripe done. At minimum, I would really like to see actual farming.

Oh, and yeah, I know mods exist, and I can kinda do some of these things, but being a mod user of years, I’m not inclined to risk basing part of my server on features that might go unsupported at any minute. In fact a couple have died this year. So yeah, I’d like to see Funcom add that.

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