Can we not add decay timers to bestiial memory potions

If you do don’t add it the QoL section it should be under balance because it sure isn’t a QoL change. It’s a blatant nerf.

Devs don’t play the game nor do they understand anything about it stop nerfing things for no reason.

Also I know I it’s spelt wrong “■■■■■■■” is censored in the title.

It must have a decay timer because it can be abused easy.

I think a decay timer is ok. Just the 2 minute deal is way to quick. I would suffice with 6 hours. This would allow for you to make it knowing that you have to use it. For PVP , good raiding clans plan down to the detail Giving us 12 hours would allow us to build up the respecs prepping for a raid.

For PVE , PVE-C and SP/Co-Op, it would allow you to make a few at once and have throughout a decent play session instead of having to constantly return to base to craft a new respec.

In theory, you could make a bunch now and “Store” them in the cryo-chambers they call preserve boxes. But you would still have to constantly return to that location to respec. Very inconveneint for PVE/SP especially.

It has a fast decay exactly because of PvP, if you’re going to raid a clan, tactic and planning should be involved, each player should have a role, once you start a raid, having no cooldown on potions, it becomes too easy to abuse builds, for exemple;

Lets say in this scenario, Im alone defending my base, and two guys come in, one is specced for pvp, and the other for encumbrance to carry the bombs.

Only one can really fight me as the other would die easly risking losing the bombs. With no cooldown, or a very long one, they could bring respec potions, store the bombs and the one that was encumbrance becomes pvp, then they kill me, one of then back to encumbrance, finish the raid, and won, no chance for the solo to defend.

Scenario 2, im alone, solo player, raiding an offline clan, im specced for encumbrance, manage to get into the base after several bombs, even destroyed their potion station in the process, and when I was about to destroy one vault, I could see they log in by the player list, quickly, I grab my potion in my bag, respecc for pvp, kill them, destroy their beds, finish destroying the vault, respec again for encumbrance (because I had more than one potion on my bag) and run with all the stuff.

Potions must have a short cooldown, otherwise, it becomes too easly to do everything in one go.

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So Solo players can’t/shouldn’t raid larger clans then?

And the exploit of the ice box works for the defenders advantage, as they can re-spec to enc, and map everything out mid raid. The defenders are already at an advantage because of rebuilding mid raid, can place thralls and pets over and over from the freezer. Get rid of the freezer no decay on anything, then maybe i see your point. Until they improve the siege, allowing for multiple roles is one of the few perks raiders have.

I agree that they should be short, but 2 minutes? maybe 6 hrs is a little long, how about 1 hour. This is ample time to use the double dip as a solo raider, and really minimizes the number of re-specs one could have on them. Shoe-horning into one build unless you are back at base really limits a lot of the game. What if you are out farming, and someone tries to ganke you while in enc build? having a respec allows for you to run to dip/drop off loot at outpost while they chase and then re-spec asap so you can turn the tide on them. I have done that a few times. They follow me, i make it in FOB, drop mats in chest, respec, and then chase the dirty scoundrel.

The nerf should not negatively affect other aspects of the game (PVE/SP) either. A middle ground could be reached. 1 hour would allow for PVE people to go out and do their thing and be able to change up if they fell/need to out in the environment. I agree having multiple re-specs available is over kill.

And 1 hour again means that once you left with them, you get to the spot, and mid raid you have to re-spec, the likely hood you would use a 2nd re-spec within that hour is slim, and using a 3rd means you must really suck at builds :slight_smile: .

Of course they can, but they should face the risk of doing so, its the thrill of the challenge, and this adds more to the role of the situation, I understand why you’re asking for a bit longer timer, but that affects directly the PvP environment, you must remember also, that this affect even more solos, it puts them on disavantage against big groups as more players means more respecs on the fly, so the outnumbered will always know he/she won’t know what they’re fighting because the enemy can respecc quick to fight back if necessary.

In pve, the player can always get the resources and build a cauldron to craft the potion as the NPC won’t act like a human and hunt you before you do it.

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