Can we not nerf ambrosia

like what the hell is wrong with you developers.

idk whats with the people on this forum constantly flaggin posts. grow up lul


Its getting buffed in 2.4 along with Purified Flesh.

  • Healing values of Ambrosia have been lowered to be the same as a regular food item.

Nice buff m8.


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I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that it now give more hp back maybe just not as fast.

It was bugged. It’s fixed now.

Use god feasts and aloe pots for heal.
Herbal tea and antidote for bleed and poison cleanse.
4 slots on your hotbar. Not that bad.

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How was it bugged? lmao.

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It had an aloe pot animation after healing update.
Then after some “hotfixes” animations went poof.
So pvp players started to use it.

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Well maybe funcom should realise their healing update is awful lol

Probably. From what I see they try to make game slower so maybe at the end of the era we will have something balanced…big doubts.

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You get a little more health from ambrosia. Stop whining about it and pray to Mitra.


A buff that lasts 5 minutes xD

I wouldn’t call this “buffed” compared to what it did before 2.4.


can stack with normal potions and can be added into normal lotus pot crimson dust rotation…but yeah…5 minutes is…very bad for ambrosia cost.

Ok, so by this logic if a cars top speed gets reduced from 100 kmph down to 50 kmph, we should all ‘stop whining’ and be grateful because it will travel an extra 10 km before it runs out out fuel? Sorry but I think not.


Great, make altar items that needs a lot of time and effort to farm for useless too. Its the same with swiming costs no stamina. *shaking head about so much stupidity.


It doesn’t change what has been changed about ambrosia. :innocent:

There was a rumor that ambrosia gave extra health, so… that would mean 100mph plus 10mph… unless you equate the fuel to max health… because it ‘runs of out fuel’… well there is the nail but the hammer looks like it never hit it.

even though i am against any nerfs like the one upcoming , ambrosia is far from a hard thing to obtain…

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No its not hard to obtain. The craft time tho thats different thing.

you can make 20 ambrosia every 40minutes on official.

Funcom wakeup don’t nerf ambrosia

@SprintattackPOG ,I believe you play pc ,so can I have one question of topic please ? Silk wraps are still removing instantly bleeding ? Or you have to see all the bandage animation ? The greatest fears in this game is poisoning and bleeding , do we have to see the potion animation too on set potions ?