Can we not nerf ambrosia

The irony is how the devs LITERALLY STATED that a single skilled player WILL (and therefore should) be able to fight against multiple less-skilled players just as they used to, yet nerfing ambrosia is 100% going against that. Regardless of whether you personally feel a person SHOULD lose 1 v 2 or not is completely irrelevant, as it is a matter of skill that should determine who wins, not numbers, but removing ambrosia removes any chance for skilled play as all it becomes about is who lands the first shot. It’s actually worse in a 1 v 2 as even if the 1 is more skilled than the 2, at least the 2 have chances to heal because when one of them needs to heal, the other can keep the opponent occupied.

“Ambrosia affects everyone.” How is this an argument? It affects everyone therefore it’s healthy? No, all it does is turn PvP into “1st hit = dead.” If you cannot recover in combat, then you’re forced to run until your 6 hp every 3 seconds recovers you, if you can manage to survive that long. Players who land the first hit can constantly keep pressure going with no way of recovering for the other player.

No amount of correct dodges and kiting will save you as you still need to heal, but wait, that requires a full 3+ second animation. Honestly, if they absolutely require healing to be animated, then they need to change the movement slowdown effect of potions. I’m fine with animation locks, but not -90% movement on top of that.

It is not healthy and it is not unhealthy either, with “Ambrosia affects everyone” I mean that we all play by the same rules. Regarding 2 players easily killing 1, I agree, but I have been saying that for a long time: Funcom is trying to democratize pvp, or did you think that by nerfing the horses skilled foot players would completely dominate the game? And you don’t need to see interviews for that, you just have to look at the evolution: 1st they nerf the rolling, 2nd they introduce horses, 3rd they nerf the healing for food - everything is done so that few can not dominate many. I guess it’s normal, they want new players not to feel completely helpless, that’s fine with me.

They did in 2.4

Hold up… how many of you jumped on this thread without experiencing the changes on testlive first?


True. Maybe they should make it match the tier of the shrine it’s crafted in. A small heal from T1 ambrosia, medium for T2 and large for T3. Healing proportionate to the amount of homage you’ve been paying your god.

Yeah that’s why some of us are just spitballing options and not screaming lol :joy: until we have experienced the changes we are just kinda ■■■■■■■ in the wind.

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So wait…just to clarify here, because I get confused sometimes. Console players dont have access to Testlive. And not all, I would even go as far as to suggest that majority of PC players dont participate in Testlive. So does that mean that those of us who do not Testlive should just STFU because we dont do Testlive and that our viewpoints on the matter are therefore invalid…!? And that we should just go along with whatever testlivers think is best for us? :thinking:

I dont think so. You dont need to be part of an exclusive club to do simple mathematics. Nor for that matter to comprehend basic definitions. For example:

“Nerf: def. To make worse or weaken, or otherwise reduce desireability or effectiveness, of a particular game element.”

Then once we are done digesting that we need only look at the official descriptor which came straight from the horses mouth:

Sounds fairly straightforward to me. And for that matter utterly undesireable too.


It’s not even about that…it’s about slowdown rework.

Potion animation is exactly the same on live and test live. LOL.


Actually if someone have testlive on separate client please test healing of God feasts on 2.4 and on 2.3
It looks like they nerfed all god feasts healing.

With 40 vit set feast is healing 25 hp every 3 seconds. on Test live.

and the potion animation is exactly the same… so Taemien kindly gtfo this thread thx


I even made a video…

Conan Exiles 2021.04.07 -

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And yet, new players have no change against this so called pro pvp players. They get destroyed very quikly and leave the server after some days. May try another 2 or 3 servers and are done completly with the game or change to pve. And thats the reality. Numbers on pvp servers show that clearly. Whats left in the pvp community right now are mostly people that play this game for a very long time. Look at dogs of the desert, look at twitch, youtube. Thats the playground of the crowd that tells you how pvp has to be in this game otherwise you are a completly noob and not worth their time. This allmighty people using only light armor, spamming macros and eating godfoods and ambrosia only. And Funcom does nothing to stop that. Neither are they able to balance weapons, nor foods or armors correctly.

They introduce horses, refuse to balance them for over a year and leave people to massively abuse it together with cat pets. Privat server owners had to forbid using them to not completly run out of people and die. People are running away from that game not because they don´t like it but because their is nothing happening in regards of fixing and balancing.

Their is massive cheating and abusing in this game and Funcom simply doesn´t care. They don´t care if their official servers get destroyed by cheaters and exploiters. They don´t care, that people need help fighting abusers and leave en mass because they are so frustrated that nothing is ever happening. Funcom can´t even provide simple fixes like crafting chests gives too much xp in a couple of hours after a patch. So people are able to have level 60 characters after 30 minutes on a new server. 4 years and they are not able to make buildingpieces load in first before the rest. So people can simply see where your stuff is. You are still able to look in a base with a spear in your hands. Still able to use a chair to go undermesh. Still be able to shoot a trebuche even when almost completly build in. How can it be that game breaking bugs stay for month or even years and Funcom sees no need to fix them in time, despide the fact that people are reporting it over and over again in their official forum? And how does it come, that despide the fact, that people still trying to communicate with them they play deaf ear but talk big in their streams about how much they care for their community. Its a slap in the face for all people dedicating their time for this game and providing constant information and reporting bugs. They are not even able to sell Siptah because too much people already lost interest.

It depends on the player, when I started years ago I was also abused by more veteran players, but instead of going to pve we learned to play and wipe their base. If a player with attitude sees that he is not completely helpless he is less likely to quit the game.

And that is precisely because they play inside their “bubble”, as soon as they enter an official server those “allmighty players” are owned by novices on horseback and come to the forum to cry.

I have an opinion on this. It’s a question of money, and that’s how I think it works: the developers of Funcom are not the owners of the company, its directors calculate and say "this game has little time to live, we are going to try to get the most benefit from it. lower expense ". Having admins that manage servers costs money, investing time in fixing bugs instead of releasing more DLCs is working for free = it costs money (that’s why they usually quickly patch the bugs that appear on you tube and everyone starts abusing them, others are years without fix).

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oh yeah its awful , its not like it degenerate the gameplay to ( who has the most ambrosia wins or anything like that ) no no its just pure skills about ambrosia , or the fact that you can solo boss without having to worry about potion animation

yeah, but how many players are we talking about in your scenario vs how many will just quit or have quitted the game over the years. Most people are casual players. Casual players are the ones that count. That are the ones, that review the game, that are the ones that buy all dlc´s. Its not the hardcore crowd that bought one dlc once for having the t4 thrall advantage. You can´t keep up a game that don´t generate no income. And the ones that stay after they got totally demolished mostly become the same as the ones they where fighting against in the past. I know too much people that went that road. They came for the game but stayed for the abuse and the feel that comes with it, that they are better then everybody else.

Nobody should be able to own anybody with anything in a survival game. Thats just very bad game design. Throwing totally unbalanced horses into a game and don´t get them fixed (or even seeing the need to fix them) is as bad as handing out overpowered weapons or thralls to people and tos some charging attacks on top of the cake so nobody is able to escape a situation they often times were forced into. I see more attemps from Funcoms side to force people into fighting each other as to give people a good reason not too, because it would be or actually is better for the survival aspect.

It is indeed. But its not a recent decision they made when Tencent bought them. They already did it before this. Thats what they always did with their games.

That look you make when your group member is presenting a half-baked idea in class but you have to support him anyway because you need that A+ lol

Just put 8 hotkey on mouse wheel and put throwing in it. Done.

It is a survival game with PVP, it has a lot of mechanics. Complaining about horses, weapons, thralls is just a way of saying “I am the world champion, but only in my weight category, only in my sport and only in my age range, now adapt to me”, precisely because it is a survival game and not a Street Fighter where there has to be a scenario as fair as possible for a fight without any outside interference, to find out who is the best, here it is not about being the best, it is about winning at any price (as long as it is legal) . They can attack you on horseback, and that’s fine, they can attack you 5 to 1, and that’s fine, they can expect you to be fighting a boss and attack you from behind, that’s fine too, honor and fairness are fine in the arenas, on an official server all legal mechanics are valid.