Can we not nerf ambrosia

Don’t forget the roll stamina usage. Light is still superior.

But I can clearly see that heavy + armor reduction kits (for some reason they don’t do that, only reduce weight and durability, so they should be called “weight reduction kit”) will be more common now.

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Honestly I was expecting something like dark souls system with heavy plus light light plus medium combos where weight of your gear is a main factor for stamina and rolls…but right now I just see a sad attempt to fix combat foundation.

Weird, I could’ve sworn I tried that and they eat it. I got pretty much resigned to losing one or two essence while running home. What really bothers me about ambrosia is how the decay timer on essence interacts with the crafting time in the altar. Basically, you have to have a fridge next to the altar and then spoon-feed the essence into it if you want to avoid losing more. Any crafting process that requires you to babysit it is just badly designed and there is no excuse for it.


Not sure if the horses eat it, but I know the follower thralls do.



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It is a good thing that amb is being nerfed, you shouldnt be rewarded for being hit over n over, and heal without a penalty. people just heal heal heal heal. that was old, potions were suppose to be your healing, not free regen.

Will people run away more? yea, because they cant handle themselves in combat they will poke and run. that is the way of life. it seems.

You know that before siptah potions were the source of the best healing in game right?

The potions from the underwater dungeon were the best heal in game but very expensive and time consuming to make so of course no one farmed those. And before that Golden Lotus potions were also a fantastic heal and guess what happened? Funcom nerfed the heal into the ground. lol.

there was nothing wrong with how food healing was for pvp. especially in large scale battles people still died incredibly quick with organised and focused groups calling targets.

I abused the hell out of it. You could stack different sources and go to full health in the time it took someone to close the gap after you dodged away. That’s just PVP. In PVE you could literally heal to full inbetween attacks of some of the larger bosses.

In PVP it came down to who had the most healing. In PVE it trivialized most content (and kind of still does).


Having an in-combat healing solution is absolutely vital in PvP, otherwise it becomes whoever hits first wins.

The healing meta is currently in the perfect place for PvP. Ambrosia can only stack at 10, heals less than potions, and is fairly heavy to carry, which is the perfect balance considering regeneration (and soon dodges) is affected by encumbrance. The more healing you carry = less of other items you can carry unless you’re willing to sacrifice regeneration.

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I’m well aware of what food combos were used and how trivial it made PvE. PvE still isn’t difficult to this day.

1v1 sure whoever had the most heals won most of the time but skill easily still came into play.

In large scale battles 5v5+ people still died incredibly fast.

Take a look at certain streamers vods in pvp. People die so fast now and its not even really skill if you survive being focused its just luck. Just watch SIrdavewolfs pvp training vids from Dogs of the Desert. People die so fast and thats with Ambrosia. Now imagine without. PvP will become a complete joke.


I think it will be fine. PVPers will adapt.


You think it’s fine because you run around killing scripted fights all day.

sayings its fine really shows your lack of understanding of pvp


If that makes you feel better, sure.

Enjoy the changes. I know I will.

I play pve and pvp ( though I’ve body vaulted on the official pvp server I’m in till something gets done about the myriad of exploits that have emptied the servers) and whilst I can understand that the changes are not welcomed by all, Ppl seem to think that it’s going to cause some sort of disadvantage for them. From a pvp perspective the healing changes won’t put any one person at an advantage or disadvantage because we will all be dealing with the same changes. If your struggling to heal than so is your opponent. From a pve perspective I can’t see it doing much of anything really. All enemies are leashed so it’s a 5 second dash away till the enemy hits it’s chase limit, or worst case up the nearest tree or wall till you’re good to go again. I don’t like the sound of how long it takes to make ambrosia, but I’ll just treat it the same as anything I’m mass producing in the game and set it to cook a bunch overnight. It HAS always been overpowered for a healing item available straight off the bat proven by the fact that it’s still ( or was) the best and easiest to get healing item for max level ppl as well as freshies.

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Also Funcom: proceeds and nerfs ambrosia



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Please tell me when to use a potion in a situation like this :smiley:

I can also just simply press ESC → Remove Bracelet. Saves some time for me and them. Probably the time I can farm this gearset again… oh wait, no that takes longer :slight_smile:


The answer is simple if you are one in 1vs 2 situation you should die.
If they use macro you need to buy new gamer chair and check for new CE dlcs. It may help you to become a better pvper.

Or just ■■■■ harder to your RP demon characters, to get more muscles for gaming :joy: :joy:


I mean…man that stands behind this changes plays on rp servers…just sayin’

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He plays rp because he got bullied by pvpers. Now he just wants everything pvpers have nerfed =)