Can we optimize the progress of adding mod?

The mod function is very difficult to use. You need to re-check every time you enter and exit, and adding more mods is also very cumbersome. I hope you can pay attention to this problem and make the mod function simple.

It’s really not too difficult. Click the subscribe button on one you want and it automatically installs. Go into game menu and activate it and adjust the order and that’s that. But I just returned to Conan Exiles after about a year of being frustrated with the devs and I have mixed emotions. They actually made some changes to the game that they kept brushing me off with and the new pet and mount system is pretty cool. But they still are over fanatic about these updates that messes with your mods. I enjoy when a company pushes out updates to a game well after development is over. But I redownloaded the newest version of the game 2 days ago and there has already been 2 updates. One every day? The annoying updates hasn’t stopped at all. Now I am stuck deciding whether to pursue the game further or not. I had hoped that the change of leadership in the office had changed that but obviously not. They want to torment and annoy the hell out of us. I do know that I will not drop another penny on any extra content until they change the frequency of these annoying updates. Modders are rare in this game because of it. They get annoyed with having to update their mod on a daily basis. A lot of mods on steam are outdated because the modders just gave up and left. Abandoning their mods. It has gotten old. And they never listen. And they don’t care what we are dealing with. I tried before to convey the situation but they don’t listen to their fans. I am not sure right now if I even consider myself a fan. The way they brushed me off before was very unprofessional. They didn’t just ignore me. That would have been better than the nasty comment they made belittling my pleas as nothing when many people backed up what I was suggesting. Once or twice a year is well enough for updates. Once every 3 months would be an improvement on the annoyance they do now. We don’t need updates so frequently. If a game needs this many updates then that tells us something about the quality of the game. It never should have been released in the first place if they feel it needs that many updates so frequently.

I understand, and I also try to understand the game company. I think Conan is still developing. Updates cause mode makers to update frequently, that is, unfortunately. I would suggest if there is a way they could reduce the frequency.
For me, if I subscribe to a bunch of mods, when I change a different server to play, I need to re-check them to match the server every time. When I save my changes successfully, I also need to restart the game, which is cumbersome.
Maybe we can look forward to a better Conan! :slight_smile:

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Thank you! Much better response.

People would riot around here if Funcom changed their update schedule to twice a year. Not viable, for any game that is still going through active development and growth.

Us mod authors that have been around a while understand we need to adapt to updates. Is what it is.

Use the modlist.txt found in the install folder of your game instead. You can maintain multiple lists as needed, and rename them when you want to switch up your load order. I have like 12 different lists for testing my mods.

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