Can we please at least get a patch note of what each patch is? is that hard FC?

why the heck a patch is being downloaded and i get no notiufication or patch notes on what my pc is about to download?
is that HARD for the freakin devs to write a simple word of what is being patched and copy paste it in here?

ACT a bit more proffessional plz… show repsect to ur players.

make the patch notes available ALWAYS before the patch…

these details give us a point when we speak of incompetence between ur team…

plz work correct… PATCH NOTES BEFORE PATCH!!! players need to know what they r about to download!!!

u have bugs 4 years on … creating a patch note on what we will download and what u fixed is not gonna do any harm! will take a day more…

plz fc
use ur brains. plan a bit ahead and respect ur players


There’s a new patch?

i just downlaoed one via steam!!! no idea what it was … or what it fixed… literally 2 minutes ago! the thread was creating while downloading

Says the dude who cant spell you , yours or please.


Lol, SHOTS, there was shots fired!

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Do you have any mods installed? Sometimes I get “updates” that seem to actually be mods getting updated.

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My servers downloaded a small update but I figured it was a server only update (which never includes patch notes) because my client didn’t get the update. :man_shrugging:

Take it easy, English is not his first language and yet as a courtesy, he always types in English on these forums.

Spelling aside, he is right. All client updates should include patch notes, even if it is a very small update. However, I see no reason to be upset about the lack of patch notes as there is no option to skip an update if you don’t like what is being patched :man_shrugging:. Besides, Funcom has gotten a lot better at communicating patch notes to us in the past year. :+1:


Could’ve been mod updates as well.

Here’s the game updates I’ve had today. Notice the two arrows? One is 1.1KB and another 720B (as in just bytes, not kilobytes).

This is Steam updating the files they include with the game or a portion of steam updating For that game. Steam used to have these micro updates whenever it updated steam itself. But in recent months they put those updates as game specific so only the ones with those games installed got those specific updates instead of everybody.

You may have noticed Steam doesn’t update daily (or in some cases several times a day). This is why.

Your issue is with Valve, not Funcom.

I recommend retracting this statement.

this is a rather harsh way to ask for some information

This is true, however Its still nice to know when something is getting fixed and what it is. Warframe for example has the update logs in the downloader and will scroll to it after about a minute or so. meaning you can actually see what’s changed or added or whatever.
Though I don’t really think that many people actually read changelogs. mainly modders and possibly a select few who care.
nonetheless having them is nice and it can be counted as a step in more community input. even if the community can’t change what is going to come out in the update.


Of course, and I think Funcom has gotten a lot better at posting their patch notes. There have been patch notes for all the major updates, including 3.0.1, 3.0.2 & 3.0.3.

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Για την κατανόηση σου, δεν αποκρίνομαι σε επίσημη αγγλική. Προφανώς η μητρική μου γλώσσα είναι αρχαιότερη και πιθανώς πιο πολύπλοκη από την αγγλική (και από την δική σου γλώσσα). Χρησιμοποιώ την αγγλική εδώ απλά σαν ενα γραπτό μέσο έκφρασης των σκέψεων μου , όπως ακριβώς θα το έκανα αν είχα ένα προσφιλές πρόσωπο μπροστά μου και με αυτό το πρόσωπο είχαμε μια απλή καθημερινή συνομιλία σαν φίλοι! Στοχευμένα γράφω όπως θα μίλαγα, αφού το ζητούμενό μου είναι να γίνει αντιληπτό το νόημα των λόγων μου , κι όχι η ανάλυση του συντακτικού μου…

Here u r . I wrote u the proper answer . Keep in mind that english is not my mother language and i reply in the form of what i find easier to type. So u may probably have learned to judge the way people type, but i personally try to always see what they mean behind the things they write . If u get offended about the way i write ,u r welcome not to take my writings under consideration, and not reply at all to these trying to shame the way i express myself . I d rather u to respond to me when u understand what i write. And the meaning of my writings and put shaming aside my friend


U r right @DaVice . But if i know what i download there is always the choice to uninstall the game if i disagree with the patch notes .
I am sorry for the rage, and u r right fc has gotten a lot better on this. But they should keep working towards this direction.

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U r right. I just got upset yesterday. My game crashed cause of this update. Server was down for over half an hour. I believe for that we should get at least a warning and patch notes… Even if it is a 1 item fix…

Again u r right. I apologise for my rage

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No i am on official servers at the momment

The way i wrote it is wrong and i an apologising for that.
But what u wrote is true or at least seems true from the player perspective…
The day i will see another side of communication towards players i will stand with them and defend them (exactly as i stand against them in actions i disagree with-like an unscheduled download …)


I use no mods and i play on officials only.
I also made sure i unfollowed every single mod the day i decided i am not into modded servers (for now). Is that possible that any mods still getting updates in my client ?

yes there is. Its very small, which to me tells its some kind of bug fix.

I can tell which update is for a mod and which is for the game, because I have set the game to update only when I launch it. This only affects game updates - mods will ignore this and update automatically anyway (which sucks, but its a telling sign when update is for a mod).

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The patch notes are out.

“Exploit utilizing crafting system is fixed”. HOORAY!


Ah okay, well then yes, where are the patchnotes ?!

Yes, mod authors can push updates any time to the steam workshop.