Can we please at least get a patch note of what each patch is? is that hard FC?

I think we are talking apples and oranges here. 12 hours ago, when the OP posted, there was a steam update. A few minutes ago, my server shut down ( 4 hours early ) and my game updated. The patch notes showed up about the same time for the game.

So yes, this was a misdirected rage post, lol.


Well I just got the THIRD steam update within 24 hours… There may be something going on.

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Even though i insubscribed from the mods i used?

You don’t get updates to mods if you have unsubscribed from them.

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And here i am which thought that the lack of patches and bugs fixing for 3.0 is stalling :)))

But i must say, after a month of “nothing” they gather momentum now :slight_smile: Only hope that what they state it has been fixed, would be fixed for us aswell.

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No, then you won’t receive updates.

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What is really sad is that Steam is still patching the game, and Epic Games finished the patch in a few minutes.

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So maybe wait 24 -48 hours before ranting on the forums about patch notes eh?

nope maybe next time FC can do the job CORRECTLY…

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LOL! Standard answer. You should apply for a job so you can help change things.

i love how u judge me on my job without knowing anything about it…
but its ok ! ur best bet is to try downgrade someone? or u have something helful to say?
for ur info, its not the standard answer…
when one fails to do their job , it is not bad to recognise it! and its not bad to say “guys, we wanted to push the patch to make things better but we screwed u”

so be sure upon acts u receive answers.
same goes for fc , u me , anyone (or should i say any1 to trigger ur language insecurity a bit more?)!

Well your the one responding with a wall of text ranting about Funcom and now me.

i bet u did not even read the greek text i put i guess…

u should. it was written in formal greek! u can understand it

Sorry, it was all Greek to me.

In any case, even if English isn’t your first language, it’s easy to see that you have a very hostile attitude. Please tone down the hostility - especially if you want Funcom to respect their players, perhaps treating them with an equal respect would be more constructive.


yeah , indeed my tone is not good towards someone that has as best argument the fact that i do not type the way he likes.
but u r right… maybe i should not become like him.
i apologise. akomo , plz if u have nothing more constructive to say except the " i do not like ur typing thingie" allow me to ignore u. @Kapoteeni is right…

as it seems @Kapoteeni FC does not seems to respect us (and its hurting me to say this cause i have seen their good side)…

perhaps the respect thingie should go as post to another guy also…

but ty for the reminder.

Just wanted to add here, since I chimed in earlier, , the interaction between you and the other Forum poster came across, to me reading it, as good natured ribbing between two people that already knew each other.

Often things that are read from text, reflect the attitude of the reader at the time of reading. So hey dude, you always have to proceed with caution when writing, but I am glad @DaVice hopped in and said something.
We are all here trying to let the Developers know the state of our game moving forward.

Regarding this thread in general, I do share @Ragnaguard’s initial frustration with lack of information, it is not hearing, not knowing what is happening, that brings up the frustration. Other games do a better job of comunicating with their fan base.

Good Health. Cheers.

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U r true to ur words.
And trust me i have nothing personal with any of the posters here.
I see most as friends and this forum as a conversation between friends. Ofc misunderstandings will occur and it is normal not to agree with everybody (this goes the other way around also ofc -not everybody will agree with my opinions either).

Unfortunately not all trying to prove themselves with arguments…

Thank u for ur kind words. Will keep em in mind upon my next posts…

And @DaVice and everyone else that responded properly while i was in rage , a big thank you…


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