Can we please fix the Carpenters Bench Collision?

Granted this issue isn’t a massive one but it’s sure as hell annoying.

I’m certain every other crafting table and almost all placeables in general have smooth/realistic/proper (literally don’t know how to describe it properly) collision with players/ai in the game, whereas the Carpenters Bench has had an overly large, ramplike and floaty collision (box?) for as long as I can remember playing. I noticed the change made to the Greater Wheel of Pain, which made it smoother and even made the thrall only appear when when some are being broken.

Sure the Carpenters Bench could be fixed even easier? (No moving parts?)


I’d discussed this problem with the carp bench a while back and good news! This is something they are looking at resolving. It wasn’t a for sure promise, but it sounded like they wanted to take care of it in the not too distant future.

I’ll see if I can find where that was replied back to me…

Edit: here we go… Improved Carpentry station


Thanks for reminding me to look at that collision box haha. I’ll do that tonight.

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If I haven’t said it before, I really appreciate the work you do Multigun. Your mods are really solid and a huge benefit to the game.


Here is a visual representation of the collision box for the carpenter’s bench

The green box I have highlighted here represents the invisible collision box. This box tells your character when it runs into another object (or when to stop an arrow from flying through, etc). Ideally, you want to keep collision boxes at a low poly count, meaning, each rectangle you see here, the fewer of these that you see, the better. This helps with performance. You, the player, may not see the collision box, but your computer still has to render that information.

But you also want to have it accurate to the object, otherwise it can be, and is often, immersion breaking when the collision box is off. Which is the result you see in the above screenshot. I, the modder, what I would do is create several sets of rectangles so that it was more accurate to the model. One for the stool, one for the step, one for the bench, and etc. This does increase the poly count though, which for my own mods isn’t really a big deal. Funcom has to weigh these kinds of decisions more carefully though. Collision boxes can impact performance as well as gameplay mechanics as a whole. Even moving things an inch could blow everything up, you generally don’t want to mess with established collision boxes unless you have to. Luckily I’m a modder so I can stick my tongue out and do it in such a way that I don’t have to worry about stuff like that, but Funcom does.


Wow, nicely done! I have a stack of chests that I put on the right side, covering that box on the floor. I frequently open the carp bench when trying to open my crates and this really shows why. FYI, I use your better placement mod to make those crates stack there.

When I first got the game and was mod free, I used to try placing things on the main table, but hated everything hovering in the air.

Personally, what I would do is remove the round chopping block, remove the box on the floor, then make 3 collision boxes: one for the sawhorse, one for the main table and one for the beam. Then you could place chests under the beam, on the table and beside the table. Best of all, walk into the craft station without standing on air.

You don’t have to remove those parts of the mesh. The collision box doesn’t need to be all connected like the one here. The collision box shown here was, my guess, generated automatically, rather then created by hand.

For my collision add-on, I’ll make the collision realistic to the mesh so that you can do all the things you mention. There is a way to do that automated but it means a ton of poly’s, so I always craft my collision boxes by hand. Even still, the result is there will be more poly’s then what’s shown here. That’s the price you pay to be more immersive.


I’ll sacrifice 3 thralls to Yog in your honor (and to reduce load on the machine gods)

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I like to just use Lovetap and knock them through.

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