Can we please get this stuff?

  1. camels mounts + camels caravan skin with inventory space and bags slinged from the sides
  2. shemite god such as bel the god of thiefs with perk such as getting more coin when looting bodies and containers
  3. food ingredients items and such that we can consume raw or make better things from it


cheekpeas - growing and buying from vendors
olives - eatble after putting them in drying rack
flour - to make this you need to grind wheat in grinder
olive oil - to make this you need to crush olives in fluidpress
wheat - we should be able to grow it or buy it from vendors
hummus - to make this you need to crush cheekpease in grinder

food dishes:

plate of hummus with olive oil on top - need to craft it with hummus and olive oil

flat pita bread - you need to grind wheat first to make flour then cook the flower with water in stove or campfire

bowl\handfull of olives


wouldn’t the olive oil make more sense to put the olives in the fluid press, since you actually make olive oil from pressing the oil from the olives?


And we make oil with all other seeds in fluid press.

Good job now I’m craving hummus pita and oriental pastries.

Always wanted a camel mount. Was sad when the camels lost their backpack, looks ugly now (did they add it back ?).
Also camels should have the best survival perks and much more HP.
Wouls also like to see more shemite culture in-game. I know we already got plenty, but that’s too little for the size of that desert !

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