Can we "The Extreme RP" players have a permanent death option?

I know that the bracelet brings a player back to life however for those who would like their character to not come back is it possible to have this option? What if players beat the whole game and were able to take the bracelet off I would like my RP to have heirs as well so that I can play as a father, and son. , daughter, mother, etc after my old character dies. Or perhaps a DLC could come out to where we play as children who grow as men or women in the game and have a family tree tab I think that would be an exciting transition for the Conan lore.

who agrees why or why not

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Heard that there won’t be any children in the game. The closest thing I know playstation would be recreate character. You play on official? There is a Barbaric mode not sure what it does you can try in offline. @iggyflowgrimm

How do I play the OFFICAL server

I don’t think you Could pull it off if you are wanting to pass your base and thralls to your new character unless you have a clan mate to invite you.

So, you are aware of the lore of the game right? Yet you want to RP that the lore behind the bracelets which bind you to the exiles games just… no longer works? Or that you, upon removing the bracelet and walking past the ghost fence and leaving the exiles lands just so happen to come back for… fun? I mean, the items required to remove your bracelet are sort of unique relics and not just mass produced made run of the mill items so where do you think that a whole slew of people are going to be getting them, removing their bracelets, then willingly going BACK to the exiled lands just to get killed in?

As @sestus2009 pointed out Funcom has made it clear that they will not be adding children to the game. It’s just not going to be happening.

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I think Conan might be the only man that can handle a permanent death mode, and by handle i mean keep drinking wine and eating extra crunchy bug infested breads.

You can already do permanent death in game. Just hit recreate character when you die.

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