Can we think of a better solution than a 6 hour org lock?

Are there any better ways to approach this problem?

Lets not repeat the past and make decisions that accommodate the pvp minority at the cost of the pvm majority.


Hey Soju! Good to see you!
That would be great. Me and few other people asked for this right after the patch with no responce. Maybe its time to review this once again! Thanks for bringing this up.

Please Funcom, at least make this to be 6 hours of an offline time or time it 4hours to match with the gauntlet buff and other funcom points buyable twinking stims…

I understand this might be a breakpoint to make us spend more money for extra twinking stim but hey … it is not that much of a killer for you as it is for the game itself.

Being locked for 6 hours to switch orgs in 2020 due to a pvp fact that has been happening since NW was released is nonsense.

Lets think of another solutions please …
That way, at least, we can properly twink, because this is among the last things some of us still pay for this game …



If the character is offline and kicked from the org, there is no timer.

If you are online and kicked, it will still have the 6h lockout.


Unfortunately many people who are looking for an org are returning players who have returned to an org that is inactive.

getting the boot just doesn’t work for them