Can you enclose a Wheel of Pain?

No, I’m not asking someone to send me one. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m thinking about adding on to my base–effectively a collection of towers–and my Wheel of Pain is presently below me at the bottom of a short cliff. I’d like to enclose it inside a structure–basically build around it and have it as the new ground floor of a new tower that will come up & attach to what already exists. My concern is that I won’t have enough stability over top of the Wheel due to its diameter & I won’t be able to put a full roof over it. Has anyone else successfully enclosed a Wheel of Pain? Did you need to work out any kind of structural support, and if so, how? (Pics are appreciated!) This is specifically the Wheel of Pain, not the Lesser or Greater variants. Thanks so much, guys!

Yes, it can be done.

This screen shows the base of the building. I used a trick in the building system to place the round towers that no longer works. As you can see, my base is built on a grid of foundations which is costly.

This is the space. It is a 9 X ( and does need the box columns on the sides for support. It may be possible to place two inside, but I did not try it.

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A 6x6, and 4 high is enough to fit a greater wheel of pain.

36 foundations, 98 or so walls, 36 ceilings, and the door

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