Can you get female pets?

Hi, I’m trying to raise a female greater panther. Is this possible? So far they have all been males.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yeah, I know. :chestnut::chestnut: They’ll all be males.

Well… I saw some female hyenas, but still have no idea if female panthers are a thing, and whether or not greater female panthers are thing :frowning:

With how things are going you might get female pets as a DLC. :wink:


Hmmm… IRL it’s difficult to distinguish male and female hyenas. Their “privy parts” look very much alike :wink:


I wouldn’t know XD

I do like hyenas though. Did you know they’re their own thing? NOT felines or canines. They are a parallel evolution. Their niche has largely died off though. Sad. One thing that always bugged me in Ark is that Dire Wolves were huge and Hyenadons were small. It should be the opposite.

Edit: Cheetahs are a feline that fills a similar niche.

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Evolution specialists/paleontological zoologists say that as a species becomes more refined its need for priapism is diminished. As in when a species hits its peak the manly bits are smaller and more refined, and thusly less able to be entangled in a fight. Considering hyenas are specialized down to four basic models, they’ve been with us for a vvvery long time.

Hyenas are still feliform, though. In the game, they’re the best kitties I know.

I’m glad to see this thread is a discussion of the size and refinement of hyena penises. I didn’t expect that when I jumped on the forums, but as usual, CE doesn’t disappoint.

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Hey now, it’s about asking if anyone has managed to get a greater panther female pet. I want to know whether it’s possible or not. We’ve gotten a couple greater panthers that are males so far, but I’m holding out.

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