Can you guys run a testlive PVE server?

Would like to be able to play the test-live version without being raided by people who play 16 hours a day. I don’t have that privilege, and would really like to familiarize myself with the new version for launch day. I already tried playing it but after I go to work or wake up, someone has raided my base. So its very hard to test and try out the end game stuff on PVP.

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They already said no like weeks ago. Just join some private server… :confused:

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Currently this would be 100% pointless because all enemies on the entire map only live once. They don’t respawn…ever. So a pve server would last only as long as it takes people to kill things.

What do you mean by all enemies?

Yeah I would reckon the point of testlive servers is to test things rather than regular, uninterupted gameplay. There are private servers that try the latter though.

You can play in single player mode too, if you want to test

and i have seen some pve test live server, one streamer (shawn the werido - or something like this) play pve test live and he is happy when he have new member on his server.

Try to speak with him :