Can you pick up treasure after having placed it in your base?

I don’t like the way I placed my treasure. Can I rearrange it?


Yes. :slightly_smiling_face:


I guess I shouldn’t have worded my question that way…
What I meant was, how do I pick up and rearrange trasure? And I don’t mean the small items that are freely placeable. I mean the big items like the cat idol or the chest. The ones that you have to physically carry home. I can find no option to pick them back up once they have been placed.

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You should be able to just pick them up and replace them again. But I remember it to be a little buggy…
Maybe relog and try again?

Edit: You have to push the activation button long enough to open the radial menu. Then “interact”.


Use the “Interact” option. The character than picks the treasure item back up, just as if found in the open world.


interact with it

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