Can you put a saddle on the Turanian Caravan Rhino?

I’m just curious if theres interconnectivity between the DLC’s, and if we can get the pack rhino and have a good mount for when one needs to pickup and move camp.

They are not mountable. Only siptah DLC’s are ridable, not even the vanilla E.L rhinos.

Get a camel, they can pack a ton. You cannot ride them, but if “one needs to pickup and move camp”, they are your best option, with a T4 thrall in tow also.

not true in regard to only rhinos on siptah can be ridded, you need DLC to craft saddle but every grey rhino is a mount regardless on which map

and for the record caravan pack animals are followers with largest amount of inventory slots currently in game

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Interesting, I always thought anything that wasnt a mount took up the same ‘party slot’ as your thrall. Some dont?

Also, are there even camel’s on Siptah? I havnt seen any.

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