Can you transfer your characters to a different server?

We are on a pvp server max level we all got raided and base gone that’s fine it’s pvp we left a for months

Came back recently making a new base on same server barely getting it up was also Offline raided by a specific guy and then we all left after many months pass came back made Another base was broke in nothing taken but event log says this was the same specific guy.

Is their any way we can change servers like transfer our max level characters? Cause at this point we just gonna leave again and quit as none of my friends want to start over level wise.

They had transfers but it appears they took it away because some people cried about issues. Alot of people had success with it but the few that didnt ruined it for everyone

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Umm no. There was a serious issue with failures. Having experienced these issues on more than 6 occasions which was roughly 25% of my transfers I’d say that it badly needed a rework internally.

That they can’t figure it out to this point is disappointing but I’d rather it be done properly this time than experience again what I did the last time.

No, currently transfers have been disabled.

Thankfully levelling up is very easy. Pick a server and kill gorillas or skeletons for quick XP. That the XP rate is increased on official servers means that you’ll be max level in 2-3 hours.

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Or borrow a star metal pick and run through the frost giant cave 1 time and your level 60

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