Can you use a macro for farming, or its baneable?

Well as the title says, can i use a macro for farm bark or whatever? or its considered cheating? Can i get ban for use it?

Thanks in advance

I don’t know what exactly you mean by “macro” - generally that would be a predefined list of keys and/or mouse clicks pressed in sequence (automatically), I don’t see how that would enable you to farm anything in CE on its own.

If you mean like a full-fledged bot, I would assume that’s probably against the rules (technically speaking), but realistically it’s not likely that anything will happen. Though I should say for the record that you do anything like this entirely at your own risk of course. I didn’t bother to read the ToS in detail, because they usually boil down to “don’t be a complete a-hole, and if you do we reserve the right to ban you”, so I don’t know if there’s actually anything in there about automating the game.

On private servers the rules are up to the server admin(s), who can ban you for any reason - or no reason - it’s entirely up to them. On official servers there are no admins (literally) and only the most egregious actions carry any risk whatsoever.

Finally I fail to see why anyone would bother with a bot in this game, it’s not like gathering resources is particularly difficult.


The thing is that its a pain to farm permaclicking the left mouse buttom all the time non stop when you need to get a lot of resources, it becomes a pain to my hand, for real.

I use it 10 minutes ago for the first time and it works perfect but i wont use it again until an admin clarify this topic. Its the first time i use a macro and was 10 minutes, if i got ban i will be very upset :smiley:

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Thanks for clarifying!

If you’re talking about using something like AutoHotKey or a Logitech G-series keyboard to “auto left click” on an interval, I cannot imagine that ever being a problem.

Even World of Warcraft (which is a million times stricter than CE) allow those!

I assume you are talking about offical servers? I’m not sure what the rule is on that, though my gut feeling without any facts behind it is the same as what Mikey is saying. Now if you are talking single player, then anything goes, have at it.

Yes, im talking to offical servers, can i use a macro to fill flask and farm bark? or i have to feel pain in my hand permaclicking it?

Thanks for your response, i know about WoW but i dont know about this game since wow allows you to create macros when you press scape, but this game doesnt.

Yes i was talking about logitech g series, i have the logitech g pro and i would like to autoclick with a 0.005s “delay” time and 10 miliseconds about each repetition.

I would like to have a response from a official admin to admit or negate this use of macros. I hope they allow it because i m beginning to feel a pain in the center of my hand for plays multiple days farming.

Does holding down the button help as a temporary option? Should be able to hold the pickup/farm button down and your character will reach for the nearest resource to pickup. Same thing if using an action key like farming for a rock.

I understand what you say but when you mention “using an action key like farming for a rock” i dont know which deduction i should take,

Do you mean its normal to use the macro because there are things in game that ables you to farm by holding the key? and yeah i will keep holding down the button until any official admin tells me if its baneable or not.

A 10 millisecond delay would be a big red-flag in my book: that’s 100 clicks per second! First, if you’ve ever tried filling even a single stack of flasks at once, you’ll have noticed you can only do a few per second, and it slows down dramatically after about the 10th flask. Secondly, waiting only 10 ms between commands could potentially be interpretted as a flood attempt, and you may either lag the server or get yourself disconnected.

I’d advise you to go with something more respectful like a 200 or 100ms delay (i.e. 5 to 10 clicks per second). IME, most games can’t/won’t process clicks faster than that anyway.

As for farming rocks/trees/etc., all you need to do is hold down the mouse button continuously, so a macro that effectively toggles Mouse 1 on/off would be better and less taxing to the server.

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By perma clicking do you mean click for each swing. On PS$, you can just hold doen the square button, and it will swing until you let go. Don;t know how it is on PC. I usually get close to the tree, hold square, and move on.

Yeah, on PC you swing so long as you’re pressing mouse 1… well, until you release mouse 1 or let your tool break anyway.

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Thats what i would like to do, toggle on/off a macro if i have to put more delay i dont really care about, the only thing i care is for my hand.

I did what you say and i notice the flasks, i dont want to lag the server or get disconnected.

I just use it when i write this topic and i wont use it ever again until an official response, i dont want to receive a permaban for the use of macro (even when i test it for 10 minutes)

What you mention is insane, i dont want to cause lags doing 100 clicks everysecond xddddddd i will slow down and increase significantly the delay, but i wont use the macro until official response

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I should have read lower before i posted. See you answered both of our questions right before my post :slight_smile:

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