Cane we get NPC's Reset to spawn point if you die?

This is a simple request, NPC’s don’t currently reset to their spawn point once you die. I don’t mind getting destroyed by a boss that I shouldn’t be playing with but when I die, I’d expect him to return home after it’s hate list is cleared. Losing corpses because the NPC sits on your corpse forever is frustrating at best.

I had this happen early on when I started playing a few weeks ago.
I ran back and aggro’d the boss while I was naked and kited it away from my body a little ways. As soon as it started an attack animation, I looted my corpse and ran away, crying like a little girl.

I was like level 20 trying to kill a red dragon without a shield…

I had it happen in a cave where the spider was so large, it got stuck in the tunnels and it just prevented me from being able to train it off. Seems like a common mechanic that they should reset if no one is on their hate list after 30-60 seconds and warp back if they can’t path home.

Yeah, definitely.

But if it’s the spider I’m thinking of, there are two caves that each lead to the boss room. One of them drops you down into the room from high up on a wall, the other takes you in at floor level.