Cannibal thrall pot

It just dawned on me that the original Conan movie had a type of thrall pot in Thulsa Doom’s palace with heads and hands simmering in a green sauce of sorts.

Why did this not make the cut for the sorcery or cannibal deco items?

You are not going to Unsee what I’m about to tell you

In some camps next to the dead body on the sacrifice stone where you find the sorcerer there’s a stew pot with children limbs and parts in it (probably supposed to be adult but it’s scaled down to much to look adult) look for it at your own risk.

But yea a bigger version of that would look good for my Cannibal camp.

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Did someone request Butt Soup?



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totally acgree on making conan more 18+, much much more on depending on me


Mortal Kombat style finishers?

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not exactly, i had a more rule 34 thing in mind

I’m all for the blood and gore and 18+ stuff. You have my vote.