Cannot Connect to Funcom services. Cannot play!

I don’t understand why I need to connect to funcom services to play a game I pay for (with all DLCs) on a private server I also pay for. you can’t even do a local hosted game without a connection to funcom. All other services are running on my system its just the funcom service I cannot connect too. Then magically it will work again in a few hours with no changes on my side, this screams issue with funcom services.
Any time there’s an issue with funcom I cannot play MY game on MY server with MY girlfriend. why is this connection necessary for ALL multiplayer play in this game?

Don’t bite my head off, I’m just the messenger.

On PC, FLS is the primary driver to allow cross-play within Steam, Epic, and Windows client versions.

FLS server access is also provided by Microsoft Azure. A connection issue with FLS is actually a connection issue with Microsoft’s servers (whenever Microsoft Azure servers has issues, you could tell just by visiting the various game forums that use it).

True offline play is available without FLS entirely, though I don’t believe there is a way to do something like LAN Co-Op without internet.


I ran played on a dedicated server without it ever connecting Funcom Services. We played that way for about 8 months or something. The Server doesn’t get listed and you need to use the “Direct Connect” feature. Then I ran that server here off my machine for a month. No Funcom services connection. Then as the other guys started a different game I played it just locally with the client running on the same machine for about a month. During that time I also started testing it with older hardware and laptops and stuff. If the dedicated server tried to go online it didn’t tell me about it and it was able to do so without showing any external connections in my monitoring software.

Single Player mode doesn’t need a server at all and doesn’t require a client connection to anything external. You can play it with no internet connection at all.

LAN play should be totally possible but the clients will need to connect externally or the server listing window fails and exits out. If there is a console command to connect then it might be doable. Even over the internet maybe.


Ah! Thank you - that is useful to know. All I was certain of was the FLS seemed to house the ‘friends’ list, and I couldn’t really see why that hadn’t been folded into the new launcher. That makes much more sense now.


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