Cannot Connect to Official Server 1397 Asia


I logged out the game in my base since the last time I have played. Since then I cannot connect to it by any means. The server 1397 just has disappeared in both game menu and steam server view. I tried to use direct connect with server IP address, but it didn’t work. I can see other official and non-official servers in the game menu and was able to play some of them, but server 1397 never showed up. I checked on battlemetrics that the server is running and my friend is still able to play. Please help me solve this issue. Thank you very much.
And sorry for not using server report form, I am in a country that with a Greatwall somehow blocked the access :anguished::cold_sweat::roll_eyes:

Remove the server from the favourites list in the steam server browser.
If the server moved hardware and IP like a lot did recently, then you can´t see it as Steam favourites is pointing to the wrong IP.

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