Cannot Connect to US-PVE

US-PVE I can see the screen behind the splash screen and can even move around, then it drops and says connection lost to the server,

Hi, I’ve been having a similar problem connecting to #2726. Connecting to the server appears to be fine, however, moments after loading in I am kicked back to the main menu with the message “lost connection with the server.” At first, I could connect to other public servers, just not #2726. I tried loading and offline session, then unplugging my Xbox One (not S or X) and then reinstalling the game, but kept receiving the same error from #2726. Since then, I have lost the ability maintain a connection to any of the servers.

It appears as if I’m not the only player receiving this error and would like to bring awareness to it on an open thread.

I have already contacted Customer Service [ID Funcom Support #1101685] and am yet to get a response. Thank you Conan Exiles community for any assistance provided.

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