Cannot contact to login server

I suddenly can’t log in…is this a known issue?

yes if you scroll up you will see a Dev responded that they are looking into it.

Thank you.

we need progress, any word

10:00am in Arizona. Still no connectivity here.

Still looking into it, situation has not changed.

Additionally, I tried to visit account management page and main site for Secret World Legends, from my own IP and through several VPNs, to have all my attempts be met with “Connection timed out” error.
TSW account management page and auth server seem to be working fine, they accept my login credentials and show up-to-date info.

If anyone needs a Firehouse Dog in the old game, drop me a PM here with the character name and I’ll send it by mail. Got four of those puppies looking for a new home.

same trouble here, can’t log in when i click on play button.

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Presumably Funcom will ensure that Patron subscribers get their cache keys for each day this problem remains unresolved?

I hope…

I am not sure about work arounds; I would rather wait… if there is a work around maybe it will be fixed soon … since it sounds like they know what is going on?

If I use phone… it doesn’t work.-> cannot connect to login server
DNS problems

Aeryl’s fix works … unless Funcom just this instant fixed the problem.

Looks like clients started recovering approximately 2 hours ago (19:15 UTC / 2:15 PM EST) and seems to be holding steady in the past several minutes. Your mileage may vary at this moment, but as of this writing I was able to access the website and log in from home with my character, without any work VPN.


my mileage is definitely varying. No change. Can’t login.

It looks like all the DNS whackery that happened today hasn’t fully propagated everywhere so there’s definitely some folks who may still not be able to log in. You may want to try rebooting, and there’s been some suggestions on discord to change your DNS settings to either google or cloudflare, if you’re comfortable messing with network settings. Otherwise you’ll just need to wait it out, I’m afraid. Will keep an eye on things.

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I was able to get in and get my key! YAY :laughing:

Still down for me do we have an ETA?