Cannot get 'Reckoning' to work

I am something of an ‘Altoholic’ and enjoy getting to learn how to play various classes, currently I am using an old guardian character.

The issue I am experiencing is that I cannot seem to get Reckoning to activate after using Flashing Arc (The character is not high enough to have the other combo skills yet).
Even though I am immediately activating Reckoning after Flashing Arc, I keep getting a message up saying that I must have reckoning running!
This has left me somewhat confused, could someone please tell what I am doing wrong or have missed?
Do the precursor skills have to be at a minimum level, i.e. need a two key activation? Really grasping at straws here.

Many thanks,

I don’t know what the issue with Reckoning is exactly, but it doesn’t work sometimes. Usually, spamming the hotkey does the trick.

dumb question, but are u making sure to finish the whole combo-sequence of flashing arc finish before you use reckoning? I never had this issue so thats why im wondering.

I have never noticed this bug when tanking with s&s and cw, but with polearm in PvP it happens quite often. Impale is another ability that bugs out sometimes.

Thank you all for the replies and suggestion.
I have tried both allowing the combo to complete and during the combo as I wondered if that was where I was going wrong. Also, I was trying to get it to work with a polearm, so when next in game I will experiment with S&B to see if that has any effect.

Well, back to the drawing board as it were. :grinning:


Reckning comes active at the last hit of the comboanimation, will never come active before

Thanks Moriala, unfortunately it is not activating after my one keystroke version of Flashing Arc. Also I currently have only that skill that which should interact with Reckoning and nothing so far with the S&B combos.

You can’t use reckoning with s+b unless you have the counterweight AA. Are you actually trying to use the skill or just watching for it to highlight? The highlight doesn’t always happen, and sometimes it takes a second or 2 after combo finish to be usable.

are you sure aren’t self-targetting yourself somehow?

you’re sure you have the target you finished the combo on in target as you click reckoning?

Oh yea. You have to have the target and it has to be within a pretty short distance to you and in front of you to go off.

You get Reckonning with multi-step Flashing Arc (have to do 2, including final step of combo correctly). It has extremely fast timer to activate, definitely use hotkey and spam it to activate.