Cannot Interact with Underwater NPC's

It started on the last update, and it is normally not a problem, but if an NPC falls into water, you can’t loot the body. I noticed this first at the Mounds with the Berserker that wanders in the pool.

I knocked him out, and while I could grab him with the chain, his name/title never appeared. The next time, I killed him and could not loot the body. I chopped him up and looted the bag.

It’s a minor thing, but I figured I’d bring it up.

Hey there @speedice, thank you for your submission, we’ve registered the issue for the developers to look into!

I noticed this as well but didn’t think anything of it as I did the same thing n chopped up the body to get the loot bag. Also happens with any building underwater as of if u try to check with the hammer it wont show the info. Not sure if u could still repair as i didn’t try to but i would asume u can.

I also found that my fish traps that are on a platform underwater don’t show up when I look at them. I have to press the button, and the inventory opens up. Normally, I’d just loot the whole thing.

Again, not a big deal, but I’d hate for it to evolve into an inability to interact at all.

The repair hammer doesn’t show the buildings stats immediately, but if you try it for a few seconds, it should work. I used one underwater yesterday and it worked pretty well.

Interesting, I am able to loot bodies, but I’ve been unable to collect loot bags underwater since the last update. I can also confirm the repair hammer seems to have issues underwater.

I can confirm the loot bag isn’t obtainable sometimes too. Sometimes I can grab it sometimes I cant. Very strange thing honestly. It’s weird to say the least

This was the case for a while last year, but it was fixed with a patch. Earlier this year, there was a fix to interact with pets underwater. Not sure why this has started again.

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