Cannot log into my server


it keeps telling me failed to log in restart and try again I have restarted both my server and my pc several times and nothing seems to work any ideas?

steam had an update for me, try restarting steam.

i did several times

My private server on my LAN worked fine, then after the update I had similar issues.

I had to port forward the server on my modem. I didn’t need to do this before the update.

I don’t know if your problem is the same, but it could be worth a look.

Unrelated question: Are you able to logon to your LAN private server via in-game server browser or do you have to use Direct Connect?

Yes, I can see my server in the in-game browser and log onto it, just like any regular server.

I did need to do a direct connect, but only once the first time, after that it comes up in the browser even if I take it off line, it comes back up when I put it back on line.

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