Cannot login to server

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Hello @2cents,

It seems like you copied the wrong part of the template :smile: Could you please try to paste the other information so we can better access the issue?

Thank you in advance!

Hi the issue has resolved after the server restarted.

Appears that on ps4 official server the witch spells effects do not ever end after they are killed.
This seems to lagout the area and causes a crash followed by not being able to log back in.
A few of my clan tried to go get my stuff but the same happened to them.
Including not being able to login.
This was the darkness effect cast by the witch at mounds of the dead.

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Thank you for letting us know! I’m glad it seems to be solved now.

If this issue with the witch spells returns, make sure to poke us here again and we’ll look into it :smile:

It happens everytime ive killed it so far, we just avoid it now.

Just to advise, might be worth checking that and the jungle witch effect as ive been told its doing the same.

I dont really want to test it again as we are built nearby and it will stop my clan from playing.

Been since last update sorry i should have added.
Thanks for replying to me also :grin:

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