Cannot move or destroy placed items in Singleplayer

Placed a convergence trap to call in a Purge to help locate a single build piece from an earlier build. Now I cannot destroy the bloody convergence trap. I’ve tried interacting with it, placed bombs on it, used an Avatar on it and a lightning storm. Player can damage buildings is set to on, and I’ve had zero issues with dismantling unwanted convergence traps in the past. How the frak do I get rid of it now?!

Hello there @Lucidique!

Thank you for reporting this to us.

It seems you came across a particularly tough trap! When you try to interact with it via the interaction wheel, does it display the “Move” or “Dismantle” options? If so, does anything fail to happen when you chose either option? If nothing shows up, could you please provide me with a screenshot of what does show?

It said ‘Convergence trap already in use’ I did finally manage to get rid of it by power cycling the console, then reloading the game.

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