Cannot repeat the Vanaheim quests!

So, I have the Shadow of Vanaheim pack, did the questline on Saturday and I still cannot repeat the questline.

When I claim the Moragh Runner item and I click on it I get a “you cannot do this quest again” message in chat. It is not on cooldown and I tried to find the Moragh Runner in Conarch Village but was not able to locate him.

How do I repeat the quests? Everyone in game is telling me that I should be able to restart the quest from the claimable item.

This quest should be obtainable if you speak with the Clan Moragh Runner. The quest should only have a 20 hour cooldown as well. If you speak with the Runner and do not receive the quest again, please write a petition in game so that a GM can assist you.

This post may be useful, in case you are not familiar with our petition system.

Umm, I cannot find the runner in Conarch Village, I went through the town 3 times.

Have you checked north of the river, northeast of the Bear Tamer?


Well hopefully this forums threads will come up in a general search through a search engine so anyone trying to find this NPCs location will be able to find this thread and get it answered completely…

The Morgh Runner is located in Conarch Village, up the path behind the Wagoner Manan (Cimmerian Patherfinder) NPC where you zone in. Go past the resurrection point, and then past the Bear Tamer. He will be at the gate 403 ; 657


My daughter (13) killed Heimdahl but wasn’t able to finish the rest of the quests. Weeks later the Mourgh Runner sent her back to the middle of the game, not to any of the resurrection points in the Hall, or in the courtyard. My daughter lost the horn that opens the gate. She killed everybody again outside courtyard but no horn available. Is there a way to restart the Dream of Vanaheim again from scratch?

Did you try deleting the quest and taking it again ?
If you already did, you may need help from a GM =(
Another option may be to team up with somebody doing the quest from the beginning and have the other person get the horn and open the door.

I know that you can’t delete the quest while you’re working on it. I’ve cleared the first 3 maps and am working on the 4th where the fort is and it won’t let me delete and go back to start over.

It his daughter can’t delete it might be the same situation.

I didn’t check if we were able to delete the quest :stuck_out_tongue:
Trying to do it in a group may be the faster fix to this as petitions have become quite slow.