Cannot scroll through more than 9 players list on Admin Panel

Game mode: Online Public Multiplayer
Problem: Bug
Region: North America - East Coast hosted server

Server: [LNDN] Adult Gaming Community
I host a public open server on PVE-C. Currently we are one of the largest servers on Xbox One and have a great community of people overall. Recently we have had an issue with harassment and complete blocking of passages on the map (along the wall to the Highlands). I have attempted to use the Admin Panel to ban select players, however, due to our population the list only shows the first 9 players. Trying to scroll down I can select each of those 9 players listed but when reaching the bottom the list does not continue to scroll through the players. I know for sure that more than 9 players were online - at the time of trying the server had over 20. It is a bug with the actual menu not properly coded to support input from the Xbox One controller with regards to the side bar and scrolling. Please fix this issue so that we can properly support our community as admins.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Open the Admin Panel
  2. Select Player List
  3. Select the region with listed players
  4. Attempt to scroll down the list

No reply from any Funcom official at all? I guess my admins will just have to keep blasting you on Twitter for lack of support.

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