Cannot sell back Agent: Lydia Darling

Accidentally bought Agent Dossier Lydia Darling whilst also purchasing the special agent version from Doctor Caligari. Cannot sell it back to him.

Thanks Andy

Doesn’t sound like a bug. Caveat Emptor.

Assuming you’re not talking about the special one, Lydia is a freebie from the last patch (see the associated achievement).

Yes a Freebie that I already had from the achievement, I then bought the ‘upgrade’ or special one but misclicked and bought the original first, which I am now stuck with.

Fortunately that is not for you to decide.

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Ah, sorry for assuming an error on your part.

Neither is it for you. Fortunately.

Actually it is for me to decide what I believe to be a bug. Being able to purchase something and then able to return it, which is a standard function of vendors should be inherit to all items.

I bought something that is useless to me, either it should be unbuyable (because I already own this unique item) or I should be capable of returning it to the seller for the original price.

Simple logic. Should I have made absolutely 100% sure I was on the correct line before I hit “Buy”? Sure, I should have, but this it what is called a mistake, which happens to everyone. Just like if I accidentally sell a Legendary 70 weapon, I can buy it back for the same price. Same thing applies here.

I don’t know why you believe it would break the game and should therefore not be changed, but I assure you this would provide no one with an advantage over you. So relax and let me report bugs as I see fit without attempting for no obvious reason to contradict my report.


No. Actually it isn’t. It’s up to Funcom to decide.

You’re arguing for the sake of arguing. The bug report section is for players to post things they believe to be working in unintended fashion. Then the developers check the reports and make the final decision.

Not you. You don’t get to shoot down someone’s report by saying “doesn’t seem like a bug to me” and then get aggressive when they don’t take your word for it. You clearly understand Funcom gets the final word, so why are you acting like anyone has to take yours?

The report is clear, something is unsellable and the OP thinks it shouldn’t be. If you have nothing to add to that except for your opinion (which you have already stated), this exchange serves no purpose. Funcom gets to decide, remember?


Actually, not entering the debate whether it is a bug or not, I agree that it falls back within the big set of unclear communiction by FC. At the very least there should be a big box coming up when buying it saying it is unrefundable. As for the agent booster pack content not being tradable.

Thank you for the report. Let’s not argue about it.