Cannot Sit on this Bench

Game mode:

Type of issue:


PS4 Slim

Bug Description:

Very simple, the bench, shown in my pictures, does not “function”. Pressing square on it does not let you sit down, whereas every single other chair, bench or stool I have made will show an animation where your character sits down on the craftable if you interact with it. It does not work on this particular bench variant.

Steps to Reproduce:

Craft the bench shown in my pictures. (there are two types of benches with the same name)

Place it on ground.

Interact with the bench by pressing square.

Nothing will happen. You may not park your ass.


Perhaps it prefers a nice vace of flowers :bouquet:


Oh, can you put other things on benches? I have never thought of trying.

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Not sure about all of them but definitely some. My wife puts one at the foot of the bed and puts decorations.

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Hi @Alhambra and thank you for bringing this to our attention.

We’ve passed this inforamtion over to the rest of the team for additional investigation.

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