Cannot spend attribute points

Recently i have stumbled upon an issue with attributes.
I cannot spend unspent attribute points even though i have 0 in the selected attribute.
I have browsed forums and more people have this issue, but no solution for it.
I also have checked the help center and no solution for it again.
I also uninstalled and installed the game back and yet the same issue.
Anyone know what is the solution to this issue ?

Do you have any points left to spend? A screenshot may help us understand the issue you have.


im having similar if not the same issue. im unable to use attribute points and tried to reset my attributes but that actuallyu made the problem worse. i had 3 points that i was unable to use and once i resetted i now have 16 points im unable to use. ufortunatly im inable to upload a picture becouse forum says as a new user im unable to upload picture.

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