Cannot stun NPC for Thralls

Hi there,

I rented a server for me and my friends and when we use a truncheon on NPCs, their blue bar doesn’t lower at all. Is there a parameter to allow NPCs to be rendered unconscious so we can put them in the wheel of pain?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hmmm very odd…are you hitting npc’s that you can’t talk too,aggressive ones?
Check server settings…maybe
Ask for a server reboot.
Try a different truncheon.
Hope this helps

Is there a setting in the server that could prevent NPCs from being stunned?

OK found the problem. There is a parameter called “ConciousnessDamageMultiplier”. It was set to 0,1. I set it to 1 and now we can stun enemies.

Sweet! Glad you got it working!

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