Cannot unbind E & X command keys

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[Even though I enter new keybinds for the commands under settings, the E and X keys are still bound to the MOVE and STOP commands. Shouldn’t the new command keys overwrite the old ones?]

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  1. Open Settings/Keybinds
  2. Enter new commands under COMMANDS
  3. Exit Settings and use new keybinds, which work fine.
  4. Hit the E and/or X key, and the commands bound to my chosen keys are still active. They do not seem to be resettable.

Hey @Indigo-Girl

Thanks for the feedback, it’s been relayed to our team so they can look into it.

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Not sure if you’ve done this, but you also need to re-map the “Command” button itself. In the first block of keybindings under Combat change “Command” to whatever else you like. That is the key that uses the e/x window.

I’ve been using F1-F4 as my thrall commands, and F5 for the command menu. Has been working well, and no more accidental commands while using E to open doors!


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